Having walked the path of CTI training and certification, I can help you realize your potential as a certified coach, and accelerate the journey from where you are to where you want to be.  As a role model for co-active coaching best practices, I compassionately coach and guide certification candidates to identify and remove the perceived obstacles and limiting beliefs that stifle growth and inhibit performance - in certification and in life.   

My natural enthusiasm and passion for facilitating transformative processes in others emerged following a near death experience. My presence fosters safety and vulnerability, and I'm known to substantively deepen the personal discovery process.  Anchored in practical spirituality and using an intuitive approach, I specialize in:  
• growing self-confidence and addressing negative self-esteem, 
• cultivating deeper levels of authenticity and presence, and
• increasing emotional and spiritual intelligence.  

I regularly provide coaching and management consulting services to CTI certification candidates, individuals, and organizations.  Recent organizational coaching clients include BetterUp and Chevron. 

During my 25+ year career in the high-tech and professional services industries, I was often the designated go-to person to introduce and champion new change initiatives.  In positions ranging from Controller to Vice-President to HR Consulting Partner, I have experienced, and helped individuals, departments and companies, navigate and transcend the barriers that emerge when change is required. With a deep functional background in human resourcesaccounting and information technology, I integrate an educated awareness of business issues with an innate understanding of human behavior and dynamics. Prior Corporate Experience

My coaching and consulting practice focuses on positive change and movement.  My passion is helping individuals and business leaders elevate their emotional and spiritual intelligence so they consciously and more easily attain personal and business goals. 

Credentials and Certifications
• PCC, Professional Certified Coach (> 2,500 coaching hours),      International Coaching Federation​ 
• CPCC, Certified Processional Co-Active Coach, 
    The Coaches Training Institute
• ORSC, Organizational Relationship Systems Coach Curriculum 
• CCP, Certified ChangeWorks® Assessment Tool Practitioner 
• CCP, Certified Compensation Professional, World at Work
• BS eq, Accounting and Information Systems, Rutgers University

Memberships and Affiliations 
• BAodn, Bay Area Organizational Development Network,     
   Former Women in Leadership Council Member, Group Facilitator
• EBC, East Bay Coaches, Past-President
• ICF, International Coaching Federation, Former Global Membership 
• SFBAC, San Francisco Bay Area Coaches, Former Board Member 
• SHRM, Society for Human Resource Management, Member 
• UWC, Unity of Walnut Creek, Board Advisor, Board Member, Prayer     Chaplain Leader


The Story Behind Awaken Delight...

Delight unexpectedly awakened in me as I started walking the path of CTI study and certification. Bread crumbs started showing up on the first day, sweet harbingers of a soon unforgettable defining moment. I was experiencing simultaneous growth and delight at a deep soul level.  Having just completed the Foundations coursework on Day 3, I was sitting in the sacred closing circle with 25 beloved classmates, tenderly held in emotionally safe space by our leaders. Classmates graciously shared their acknowledgements and gratitude. When it was my turn, tears of joy spontaneously started flowing down my cheeks as I declared, "It's only taken me forty-plus years to realize what I'm here for. I'm here to be a coach."  

My soul soared  ever higher, grateful for being truly seen, heard and acknowledged. Saboteurs and my ever helpful mind rushed in to remind me that fear and uncertainty, and many of their respected cousins, were ready to partner with me for the journey. 

Since receiving my CPCC in 2007, I've completed ORSC curriculum at the Center for Right Relationship and the executive coaching curriculum at Envision Global Leadership. I've completed course work in ontological coaching and studied at Team Coaching International with Phil Sandahl CTI Co-Active Coaching author and course leader. It is my honor to hold sacred space and accompany you on this part of your journey.
- Veronica 
How have I walked the Co-Active path? 

  • returned to CTI for 5 years after certification to assist in all core curriculum courses.
  • co-actively designed and delivered coaching classes in the local community with a CPCC colleague.
  • introduced the co-active concept and served as co-President of the East Bay Coaches chapter of the International Coach Federation in 2009; this was the first time the co-active model was used at the leadership level in the EBC chapter.
  • coach, mentor and support CTI coaches through certification (and charge the same rate I paid in 2007).